The Byzantine monks and nuns are presently in the process of the formation of a new
community. The candidates should discern an aptitude for solitude and be comfortable
with the demands of a community life.

The requirements as a candidate:

1. Baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
2. They may be already professed monks or nun.
3. Attraction to the rule of Saint Benedict.
4. Presence of a call to a life of prayer and service.
5. Evidence of a spirit of generosity and love that enables the total gift of self to God.
6. At least 20 years of age and have completed high school.

Note: we do not have any age limitations after 20 years, but individual most                    
         have good moral, physical, and  emotional health and sufficient human maturity.

8. Freedom from debt and obligations.
9. Be able to assist the community economically by work in or out side the community.
10. Be willing to use a tradition habit.

The Explorer
You start exploring a monastic vocation to Benedictine life by visiting our community and
sharing in our prayer and work. You will have the assistance of our vocation director, The
Most Rev. Ignatius +Lane O.S.B, and you will be remembered in our daily prayers.

This is a special time of listening: to God in prayer, to others in the advice they give you,
and to your heart as you reflect on your experiences and your future. If you apply for
admission to candidacy, the admissions committee will meet with you and determine
whether you are ready to take the next step in your monastic vocation

The Candidate
As a candidate, you will be invited to come for a three-month period to live, pray, and
work in the community. If you decide that you want to continue your journey towards a
monastic vocation, and the community decides you are suited to monastic life, you may
ask to be accepted as a postulate.

The Postulancy lasts from six months to one years. They will be required to taken of
theology classes and workshops and possible participation in inter-community programs.

The Novitiate and it will last from one year with an extension possible of six months. The
novice receives specific instruction on Scripture, the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict, the
Catechism and Canons of the Church, the nature of Benedictine community, and the living
tradition of the community. Where suitable, also participates in inter-novitiate programs,
theology classes, and workshops offered in the local area.

Junior Monk
If you choose to make profession of first vows and are accepted by the community, you
will continue to study and live monastic life for a minimum of three years as a "junior"
monk. You will also begin to participate more fully in the work of the community, perhaps
as a teacher, woodworker, librarian, computer specialist, or any number of other
occupations. Throughout these years, you will grow in a deeper understanding of your
commitment to the vows of obedience, stability, and conversion through a monastic way
of life.

After three years of temporary profession, if you and the community decide that you are
ready, you will make your final lifetime commitment of solemn vows to God and this
monastery. As a "senior" monk, you will recommit yourself daily to your vows by your
active participation in our life of prayer and work, so "that in all things God may be
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