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La Santa Iglesia Bizantina Catolica Ortodoxa
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(Notice issued 15th Feb 2010)

At this time the Holy Synod has decreed that the responsibilities of the Exarch of Latin  America
Wladyka Mixjail Madera
be transfer temporally to the Holy Synod until a representative to our Spanish
speaking community is elected by the Holy Synod.

For any information please contact the office of the Primate.

El Santo Sínodo ha decretado que las responsabilidades del Exarco de América Latina
Wladyka Mixjail
sean transferida temporalmente al Santo Sínodo hasta que un representante a nuestra comunidad
de hablar española sea elegido por el Santo Sínodo.

Para información por favor póngase en contacto con la Oficina del Primate.
(Notice issued 17th Apr 2012)

The Holy Synod joyfully proclaims to the Holy Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Community the
Canonical Transfer of the  Archimandrite  +Timothy. On the feast of The Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical
Council he will be officially seated as a member of the Holy Synod.  He is an Archimandrite and will be
treated with all the respect and honor of his title.  He is at this time under the protection of Mar +Azarias
and will be his personal representative in all matters of Eastern Rite Orthodox teachings and traditions in
Latin America. The church of Latin America will consult with him in all matters of the faith and
procedures of the Eastern Rite. He will also be our representative of our Seminary for Latin America.

El Santo Sínodo con júbilo proclama a la Comunidad Bizantina Católica Ortodoxa el la dia de la un
miembro del Santo Sínodo. Él es un Archimandrite y será tratado con todo
el respeto y el honor de su título. Él esta  bajo la protección de Mar +Azarias y será su
representante personal en todos los asuntos de enseñanzas del Rito Ortodoxo  del Este en
Latina America. La iglesia Latina Americana consultará con él en todos los asuntos de la fe y los
procedimientos del Rito del Este. Él también será nuestro representante de nuestro Seminario Latina

Le Sant Synodet avec joie proclame à la Communauté Byzantine Catholique Orthodoxe le
officiellement assis comme un membre du Saint Synode. Il est Archimandrite  +Timothy. et il sera traité
par tout le respect et l'honneur de son titre. Il cela sous la protection de Mar +Azarias et il sera son
représentant personnelle dans tous les sujets d'enseignement du Rite Orthodoxe de l'Est à
l'Latin Amerique. L'église de l'Latin Amerique consultera avec lui dans tous les sujets de la foi et les
procédés du Rite de l'Est. Il sera aussi notre représentant de notre Séminaire à l'Latin Amerique..

The Holy Synod proclaims that Mr Scheetz (Fr. Aftimios) is no longer under the protection of the
Holy Church.

The Holy Synod binds him to the following Canon XV (15):
If any presbyter, or deacon, or any other of the list of the clergy, shall leave his own parish, and go into
another, and having entirely forsaken his own, shall make his abode in the other parish without the
permission of his own bishop, we ordain that he shall no longer perform Divine Services; more especially if
his own bishop having exhorted him to return he has refused to do so, and persists in his disorderly
conduct. But let him communicate there as a layman.

The Holy Synod also binds  any Bishops that will accept him with the following Canon XVI (16):

If, however, the bishop, with whom any such persons are staying, shall disregard the command that they
are to cease from performing Divine Offices, and shall receive them as clergymen, let him be
excommunicated, as a teacher of disorder.