La Iglesia Bizantina Catolica Ortodoxa       /        Le Saint Église Bizantine Catholique Orthodoxe
the Holy Church.

Also, carefully read our church
Canon,  Liturgical Rites , About us  and Why Autocephalous
in this website.

If you have any specific questions we will answer them via direct mail or email.

1) What is the process for entering into Communion?

The first step is to read about us on our websites, ask questions, and then if you would like to
be considered entering into communion, download and complete the application.

Communion is open only to:

A) Bishops ordained in the Katholic Orthodox tradition by a church with valid lines
of Apostolic Succession.

B) Jurisdictions with valid lines of Apostolic Succession.

What is the process for a Canonical Transfer?

Transfer is open only to:

A) Lectors and Acolytes in Minor Orders and Deacon/ness,
(18 years or older and open to females also)

B) Priests * ordained in the Katholic Orthodox tradition by a church with valid lines
of Apostolic Succession.

* Married or un-married males.

While our Patriarchal  Council makes the final determination on each applicant,  generally speaking
we welcome clerics from most mainline (Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran  
and independent Catholic (too numerable to list).

Obviously, conformity to reception of the sacraments of Baptism and Ordination administered in the
traditional Katholic Faith manner, and faith compatibility to our Statements of Beliefs are significant
criteria for acceptance into Communion or Canonical Transfer.

The application which you may download or request to forward to you upon request should be
thoroughly and thoughtfully completed.  That application and the requested documentation will need
to be submitted before communion decision is made.  It is acceptable to send the application first and
then supply the documentation as it is gathered.

2) Are there expenses involved in being in Communion / Canonical Transfer in your church?

No fee or charge is ever paid for entering into Communion! There are, however, some expenses that
are passed on to the applicant.

This is the current total list:

A.  There is an application fee of $150.00 for Bishops and Jurisdictions. For any other applicant
$75.00. That covers printing, mailing, background  check, and follow-up telephone conversations.
It is non-refundable.

B.  As part of the application process, the applicant is required to visit in person with the
Presiding Primus or other clergy more proximate to the applicant’s home city. Travel
expenses related to that visit are the responsibility of the applicant.

C. It is requires that all clerics in Communion attend and participate every year in our
Church Synod/Retreat wherever it is held.  The travel costs and registration fee are the
annual responsibility of the cleric.  

3. How long does it take to be enter in Communion or Canonical Transfer?

The applicant is led through the process in an individualized and personal manner.

The Church presents the application with his recommendation to the Holy Synod who then send their
recommendation to Patriarchal Council.  So, the “how long?”  time-line varies.  

I hope this information helps you as you look at the possibility of entering in Communion with The
Holy Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Church.

If you would like to move on to the next step,
please download
Communion Application , Canonical Transfer

If you have any questions or would just like to talk with me to see if we can be partners in the ministry
of the Lord  contact me at the following:

Peace and blessings,