His Eminence after discovering and returning to the  Holy Faith (Orthodoxy) attended
Saint John’s Seminary and was ordained to the Diaconate by The American Metropolitan of
the Hungarian Orthodox Church on October 28 1998 and to the Holy Priesthood on
October 09 1999.

Mar +Azarias was consecrated on October 26, 2002 by The Patriarch of The Byzantine
Catholic Church, with co-consecrators from the Hungarian Orthodox Church, at The Holy
Trinity Byzantine Catholic Church in Los Angeles California as Missionary Bishop for
North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England.

The Parish in San Marino is incorporated as an independent Parish under the name of The
Holy Byzantine Katholic Orthodox Church. A place of refuge for traditionally minded
Christians that wants to  hold to the Apostolic origins, practices and biblical doctrines of
the Christian faith in the midst of modern reforms and political correctness.

Please note that the term "Mar" used by our Primate is a title of respect in Syriac, literally meaning 'my lord'. It is
given by custom to all bishops and saints. His Beatitude uses this term because of his Syriac Apostolic succession.
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The Most Rev. Mar +Azarias, Presiding Primate/Archbishop of the Church, was born
August 31, 1955.  His Beatitude  went to Pater Noster Roman Catholic High School in
Glendale and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (ITS) a Masters in Divinity
and a Doctorate in Canon Law.
Le Saint Église Bizantine Katholique Orthodoxe
La Santa Iglesia Bizantina Katolica Ortodoxa