Le Saint Église Bizantine Catholique Orthodoxe
La Santa Iglesia Bizantina Catolica Ortodoxa


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The form of worship, or Divine Liturgy, which you will witness if you would come and visit
one of our services will be somewhat different than what you might find in many church

During its first thousand years, when Christianity was unified as one Church, the five great
centers, or Patriarchates, of Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch, Rome and Constantinople, held a
express that Faith. When the Patriarchate of Rome broke with Orthodox Christianity,
separating itself from the other four Patriarchates in the eleventh century, it took with it some
of the ancient liturgies of the previously Orthodox Christian West.

Centuries passed before it was possible to restore the Western (Occidental) Liturgical
worship to the Orthodox Church. Occurring first in Europe in the nineteenth century,
restoration of the Western Orthodox Liturgical heritage in America would not take place until
the turn of the twentieth century.

The Divine Liturgy of Saint Tikhon has its ancient origins in western Liturgical practices now
Orthodox Church in Moscow in 1904 for the use of the American Church.

The Western Rite (Occidental Rite) or the American Rite I and the Eastern Rite (American
Rite II) are named after Saint Tikhon, because it was he, who, when serving as a missionary
bishop in America, was instrumental in securing its original approval for American Use. In
recognition of his holy life and many contributions to the Orthodox Faith, both in America and
in Russia, he was canonized in 1989. The continuation of Saint Tikhon vision was carried on
by our beloved Saint Aftimios who was also canonized in 1996.

While Western (Occidental) Rite Orthodox congregations are still relatively rare, they have
become a rapidly growing dimension of Orthodoxy. Our mission is to welcome you and invite
you to join us as we worship and work together, bringing our Orthodox Christian Faith to the
American people and to all Western cultures unstained by ethnic influence.

If you are truly interested in the teaching of Orthodoxy we invite you to come to visit us every
3rd Sunday of the month from 5-6 pm, and we will be glad to speak with you.

To make an appointment please call 1 323-255-6911

All blessings