Ο Ιερός Ναός Βυζαντινό Καθολική Ορθόδοξη / La Santa Iglesia Bizantina Catolica Ortodoxa / Le Saint Église Bizantin Catholique Orthodoxe

The Byzantine Catholic Orthodox Church reflects the traditions of the many diverse
communities it serves via its Liturgical Rites, culture, language, art and music.

Under the patronage of Russian Orthodox Church and Saint Aftimios, the Church in
America was established and incorporated on the basis of an excellent Constitution,
designed to bring true unity to American Orthodoxy.

We are an active community loving each other as members of Gods holy family. We
belong to Christ and one another. Because of this great love we have for God we come
together and join in worship celebrating the risen Christ among us with joy and jubilation.

In the Byzantine Western (Occidental) tradition we are exposed to experience all of our
senses in worship. We see icons, vestments, candles; we smell incense; we hear continual
singing; we taste blessed foods and we use physical gestures such as bowing, prostrating
and crossing ourselves to express our wonder at the glory of God.

Our love for the risen Christ expresses itself in the community in the joy in each other's
company, so we find the time to share frequent meals and social times. We open ourselves
to support one another in the trials of daily life. As a community we live one day at a time
in the unity with the Holy Trinity and a constant approach for our spiritual nourishment
the Holy Eucharist.

The Western (Occidental)  Byzantines also stress a personal spiritual life "in secret, so
that the Father, who sees all in secret, will reward you"
(Matthew 6:6). Greatest of these is
personal prayer in the silence of our own hearts, where we can speak honestly with God.
We call to the Most High (Bless it be His Name)  in the prayer that our Lord taught us to
pray 'Thee Our Father' which sums up our constant need of the love of God.

In addition, Byzantine Christians are called to fast and search within in secret as Jesus
commanded (Matthew 6:1-8). By refusing to answer immediately to all of our "earthly
desires, we express our need to continue our daily conversion by subjecting our
weaknesses to the Power of the Holy Spirit that will work within us in order for us to
unity with the Holy One. The most difficult obstacle to our growth is the weakness and
brokenness of our personalities. This is why the Byzantine Churches call on their
members to engage in "Spiritual Warfare" in the arena of their hearts and minds", with
the help a Spiritual director (Priest, Deacon, Deaconess or Elder) in order to provide them
advice and direction.

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